Extracurricular Activities

Our clubs and extracurricular activities are a big part of student life at Greendale Middle School. We encourage all of our students to consider joining a club to explore their interests and give outlet to their developing talents. All participants in extra-curricular must participate in the student drug testing program. Below are some of the options we have at GMS.


Our band is very active under the direction of Mrs. Greve. We perform special concerts throughout the year.

Bengal Beat

Under the direction of Ms. De Ruby, Bengal Beat performs at a variety of events for students and community members around the holidays and other times of the year.


Academic Team
Our academic team loves facts and trivia! Join our team to show off what you know at our next competition.

Art Club
Our art club explores different forms, mediums, and time periods of art. During our meetings we increase our skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture while learning about art-related careers.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Get connected with someone in our community and learn about life in our Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.

Builder’s Club
Our Builder’s Club plans, promotes, and works on community service projects and disaster relief fundraising.

Destination Imagination
Destination Imagination is a project-based program that builds creativity, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Our team competes against others in the state to solve real-to-life problems in creative and sustainable ways, sometimes with very limited resources. It’s a lot of fun!

Student Council
Our Student Council gives students hands-on experience with democratic government. Officers and student representatives are elected in the fall and spend their time expressing student concerns and developing school-spirit activities throughout the year.

School Activities

School Dances
Several times a year, GMS hosts dances. Watch the calendar for more information!

All School Talent Show
Show off your special talent or ability at our next talent show! We will announce dates and times on our calendar page.

8th Grade Class Trips
Our 8th grade takes an optional field trip towards the end of each school year to help connect our learning to real life. For more information, please contact the office.