We’re excited about the recent buzz going on at GMS. Our teachers, staff, and students love it here, and we’re proud to be able to share some of the great things our students and their parents are saying about us.

"As a parent of a child who attended both GMS and LHS, I feel that under the supervision of Ms. Herbert, the morale of the students and staff has greatly improved.

My advice for parents of students at GMS is to be involved as much as you can. There are many activities both parents and students can take part in. In my experience, the staff takes the input from parents and students very seriously and is always willing to allow parents to participate.

I believe that Ms. Herbert and her staff have a strong desire to do whatever it takes for each and every student to succeed in his or her own way. From allowing a student to “vent” when he/she’s having a tough time to getting students one-on-one tutoring or encouraging them to develop their talents—be it band, academics, or peer tutoring—there is no finer school for 6th to 8th graders than GMS, under the guidance of Ms. Herbert."

-Al Penny, Parent

"While attending our previous school district, Adam seemed bored with his education. He did not like to go to school because he complained about sitting around too much and was bored. We thought that was an odd complaint from a 4th grader, so my husband and I decided to look into other schools that would teach more difficult or advanced criteria.

Since starting at Lawrenceburg schools, Adam has really developed his own personality and opened up in many areas. I actually feel like he is being challenged with his schoolwork, and he has to work to keep his grades in the A or B range—which is what we tend to expect out of him. Adam very much enjoys participating in all the sports opportunities that Lawrenceburg has. His favorite is football, which was not offered at our previous district.
I enjoy seeing my son want to go to school every day and participate with friends and the activities available. I like having a happy child!"

-Shelby Hochstrasser