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Ryan Knigga
Athletic Director
Judy Reese
Athletic Assistant
Brandie Gausling
Athletic Trainer
812-53707219, ext. 1192
Jordan Thomas
Assistant Athletic Trainer
812-53707219, ext. 1192
Ryan Knigga
Varsity Football Head Coach
Staci Knigga
Varsity Volleyball Head Coach
812-537-7270, ext. 1403
DeWayne Uhlman
Varsity Boys Soccer Head Coach
Bill Offutt
Varsity Girls Soccer Head Coach
Max Martin
Varsity Boys Tennis Head Coach
Carmen Lusk
Varsity Girls Golf Head Coach
812-537-7219, ext. 1171
Merle Hines
Varsity Boys/Girls Cross Country Head Coach
Brad Cutter
Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach
Zane White
Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach
812-537-7279, ext. 1426
Neil Rullman
Varsity Boys/Girls Swimming and Diving Head Coach
812-537-7219 x. 1195
David Sheeley
Varsity Wrestling Head Coach
812-537-7259 ext. 1275
Nick Tremain
Varsity Baseball Head Coach
812-537-7259, ext. 1261
Hannah Sprague
Varsity Softball Head Coach
812-537-7219, ext. 1100
Alisa McMullen
Varsity Girls Tennis Head Coach
812-537-7239, ext. 1367
Curtis Miller
Varsity Boys Golf Head Coach
DeMarco Henry
Varsity Boys/Girls Track and Field Head Coach/Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
812-537-7219, ext. 1176